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Our bag rolls shipment is on the way and orders will be fulfilled in 3-6 weeks 

Our brand new NOBO biodegradable bag rolls are here!  



We were so sick of bulky or floppy leash designs. 

We wanted our leash to be perfect for any trip to the dog park or trail so we intentionally designed it to be lightweight while not sacrificing strength. 

We went to great lengths to keep it feeling sleek in the hand so we even created our own nimble bag rolls to keep the whole system easy and light weight. 

On top of that, our mission at NOBO Pets is to catalyze the removal of plastic bags from the pet care industry.

Every time you purchase a box you're keeping plastic bags out of a landfill or the ocean.

Only NOBO bags unique 3d printed core allows for bag to be twisted and rolled back into handle.

Leash with Bags

Leash with Bags


To replace your NOBO Leash with a new Bag Cartridge, simply twist and pull the cap off to slide the old core out, and the fresh roll of bags in.

The leash body now features an easy-to-load funnel to help you slide the bags in with ease.

Leash with Bags


Only NOBO bag rolls are sized specifically to dispense and retract smoothly.

Any 3rd party bag rolls can fit inside the NOBO leash handle, but often need some bags removed prior to fitting inside the handle.

This design choice was made to keep your handle sleek and light weight. 

18 bag rolls per order. 8 bio-bags per roll. 144 bags per order. Full box weights 0.5 lbs.

See What Others Are Saying...

>See What Others Are Saying...

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Steve Severn

I never received the replacement bags that I ordered which is actually a good thing since the bag container on the leash came apart and spilled it’s guts (tiny ball bearings and spring) all over the sidewalk somewhere on our last walk. An expensive leash with some good ideas but also some fatal flaws.

VERY POOR customer support

I love the leash, its a great product. The bags work well too, IF YOU CAN GET THEM... I have ordered bags over 8 weeks ago and I understand COVID has hurt supply chain and caused disruptions and delays but that is no excuse for not getting back to customers when they email for updates. It just takes a few key presses to say we are still dealing with issues and our new estimated timeframe is XXXX. They have ignored my several nicely worded emails and now they are going to get the poor reviews that come with doing that. Its crazy to think that they are too busy to respond to CUSTOMERS... That's how you grow business. I'm VERY VERY disappointed with the service but the product design is great. GET A GRIP AND COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS or you will soon not have them.

Molly Foxx
Bags and leashes

Love that I don't to think to grab a bag when heading out for a walk! It did take a while to get my order in, buy my refill eventually came and all is well.

Philippe Yang
March 18th

Ordered refill bags on the 18th of march. Still haven’t received them. Its been over a month!!!

Kraig Kaiser
Amazing Leash!

Vey impressed with this leash. It has features no other leash has. Quality, durability and unique features puts this leash ahead of the rest!