Can we use any poop bag rolls with the NOBO Leash? 

Yes, but, 3rd party rolls may need to have some bags removed prior in order to fit into the leash (it is sized for about ten bags per roll).

Only bag rolls purchased through this NOBO site have our specific core which allows for the bags to retract back into the handle when the nob is turned.

NOBO bag rolls are sized correctly allowing them to dispense and retract more smoothly than 3rd bag rolls.

What happens if my bag cap falls off or my bag spindle breaks?  

If you lose or break yours you can order a replacement part listed on the 'Products' Page.  You select the shipping and we'll cover the cost of the part.

What if my leash breaks? Do you take returns?

Send the leash back to us and you can choose to  have the leash replaced or be refunded. 

How long is the leash?

6 feet.

Can we get a rope longer than 6 feet?

Not at this time. 

Can you adjust the length of the leash?

You can adjust the placement of the handle on the 6 foot rope using an Alan wrench.

You can (permanently) shorten the rope by cutting it with scissors.  You can reattach the black clasp to the new end of the rope using a Phillips screw driver. 


If you have further questions you can reach us at