Our Story

I got home from work, traded my kakhis for nikes, grabbed the dog leash, and 30 seconds later we were off to the park for a run.

The trail run came to an abrupt halt, when without warning, Bo assumed the position… right in the middle of the running path, I quickly realized that in my haste leaving the house, I completely forgot to grab a poop bag.  Trying to stop the inevitable, I shouted, "No Bo! NOBO!" but it was too late. 

I glanced sheepishly over my shoulder to see approaching walkers staring right at me. My only option was to grab a feeble twig and try to flick the mess off the trail. 

It was in this demoralized moment of pain and embarrassment the light bulb for the NOBO Leash blinked on. 

I wish I could say this was the first time I had been caught without a bag, but the truth is, I oftentimes forget to grab a poop bag, but never forget my leash (and don’t make it very far if I do). So why aren’t poop bags and the leash just one in the same?

Yes I know there are accessories for attaching poop bags to a dog leash, but all of those systems are after thoughts. They’re bulky. They flop around everywhere.

I decided there needed to be a leash that was purposefully built, from the ground up, to accommodate dog bags. After many iterations and improvements, today NOBO Pets has the most functional leash on the market.