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NOBO Leash

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You Do More.  Your Leash Should Too. 


  1.   5 foot high strength rope 
  2.   Proprietary injection molded body
  3.   Twist cap for easy bag retraction
  4.   Integrated biodegradable bags 
  5.   High strength anodized aluminum 
  6.   Quick tether clasp
  7.   Screw-lock carabiner


    NOBO bag rolls are best suited for the NOBO leash because:

      1. NOBO bags are sized to "pop" right into the handle for an easy reload. 

      2. NOBO proprietary bag custom core allows for the twist nob bag retract feature. 

      3. NOBO bags are biodegradable 
    Universal bag rolls can fit into the handle, however a few bags will need to be removed prior to insertion.  This design keeps the NOBO handle light weight & ergonomic in your hand.

      Made by Local Small Businesses 🇺🇸  🇺🇸  

      🛠   Our proprietary leash body is injection molded right in Spokane, Washington.  

      🛠   On top of that, we are proud to be 100% Assembled, Packaged, & Fulfilled by local communities in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. 

      Grounded By Purpose: 

      🌳  💧  Every 2 NOBO biodegradable bags purchased, we donate 1 to a local animal shelter. 

      🐕  🌎    Every leash purchase contributes to a leash donation to a local animal shelter. 

      ❤️️  🙂    Every Wagables Dog Treats purchase supports young adults with down syndrome find meaningful work.


      📬  We process orders and drop them with USPS in 2-4 days - weekend orders are processed Monday

      🛡  Want to try it out in person? Utilize our 30 Day Return Policy

      🛠  Did something break after 30 days?  Send it in and we'll try our best to fix it for you! If we can't, we'll give you a generous discount on a brand new leash.

      ✅   NOBO Collars and Leashes verified and reviewed by Dog Gear Review 

        See What Others Are Saying...

        >See What Others Are Saying...

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 67 reviews
        Jonathan Natarajan
        Good idea but bad quality

        8 month old puppy chewed the lease in less than a day and its already ripping. Also the bag holder roller I broken after very lightbuse.


        - Concept. Great idea that can and should be improved upon.
        - Great for running, don't have an additional bag dispenser that is attached to a leash bouncing around.
        - Its cool...

        - Build quality. Many of the pictures look like they bag dispenser is aluminum; not the case for mine. More like a thick plastic. Sturdy enough, but for the price point a metal would of been nicer
        - Not universal for "typical" bags. Yea, if I take some out of the ones I already purchased it will fit.. but why would you just not make the tube a little bigger to accommodate all bag brands... I get that your bag are "more environmentally friendly", but let us not get carried away.. it is plastic like the rest of them, it is what it is.
        - The rope feels rough and cheep. The leash rope that was purchased though Amazon was significantly better build quality, but does not have the cool dispenser. If you want that cool factor; better believe Nobo is gonna tax you fifty bucks!

        I got bamboozled with great advertising, kudos to the marketing director! For a $70.00 leash I was expecting something more. Best wishes for this small business, hopefully they take into account some of these reviews. Would love to see Version II of the Nobo Leash, who know the advertising department might get me again.

        Chris Hall
        Great Concept Poor Execution

        My sense is the material quality was sacrificed for profit margin. Looks cool, functional, but feels cheap despite a premium price tag.

        Never buy this

        Cheap foreign made crap. Our leash is a plastic hunk of junk that was both over priced and doesn’t work well. The bag dispenser broke within a couple of days and the over all feel is like something you can buy on Amazon for less than half of the cost. Truly horrible.

        Kristopher Hassett
        Awesome Product

        We have one for each of our two dogs and absolutely love them. The build quality is second to none and it just feels sturdy. I would highly recommend!!