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NOBO Leash

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You Do More.  Your Leash Should Too. 


  1.   5 foot high strength rope 
  2.   Proprietary injection molded body
  3.   Twist cap for easy bag retraction
  4.   Integrated biodegradable bags 
  5.   High strength anodized aluminum 
  6.   Quick tether clasp
  7.   Screw-lock carabiner


    NOBO bag rolls are best suited for the NOBO leash because:

      1. NOBO bags are sized to "pop" right into the handle for an easy reload. 

      2. NOBO proprietary bag custom core allows for the twist nob bag retract feature. 

      3. NOBO bags are biodegradable 
    Universal bag rolls can fit into the handle, however a few bags will need to be removed prior to insertion.  This design keeps the NOBO handle light weight & ergonomic in your hand.

      Made by Local Small Businesses 🇺🇸  🇺🇸  

      🛠   Our proprietary leash body is injection molded right in Spokane, Washington.  

      🛠   On top of that, we are proud to be 100% Assembled, Packaged, & Fulfilled by local communities in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. 

      Grounded By Purpose: 

      🌳  💧  Every 2 NOBO biodegradable bags purchased, we donate 1 to a local animal shelter. 

      🐕  🌎    Every leash purchase contributes to a leash donation to a local animal shelter. 

      ❤️️  🙂    Every Wagables Dog Treats purchase supports young adults with down syndrome find meaningful work.


      📬  We process orders and drop them with USPS in 2-4 days - weekend orders are processed Monday

      🛡  Want to try it out in person? Utilize our 30 Day Return Policy

      🛠  Did something break after 30 days?  Send it in and we'll try our best to fix it for you! If we can't, we'll give you a generous discount on a brand new leash.

      ✅   NOBO Collars and Leashes verified and reviewed by Dog Gear Review 

        See What Others Are Saying...

        >See What Others Are Saying...

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 57 reviews
        Great Features

        Love the fact that there is always a poop bag with me now, it’s awesome to be able to tether my pup so I’m able to do other things with my hands as I take a lot of photos that may require steady hands. It’s made of a good strong rope which is great - but do wish the rope was a little softer on the hands. This is my new go too leash!!!

        Our Second NOBO Leash

        We got our first one as a gift, thanks to my cousin! We really liked the functional benefits that this product offers. Its easy to tether your pup when you are out or at home.
        - Good Looking
        - Well Built
        - Tethering capability is the best
        - Tether aluminum/metal surface area is losing color (some due to scratches which is acceptable, some due to daily use which can definitely be improved)
        Bottom Line: Product deserves 5 stars, a must have for pet owners who would like to travel with their pups


        The poop bags have saved me so many times! And the release handle is really convenient for tying up the pup. It's my go to leash!


        The spindle broke the first day of having the leash, and therefore the bag mechanism was useless. The company was quick to provide a replacement, so Ill provide a better review after I am actually able to use the product. Now its just an over priced rope.

        Worth Every Penny

        I've been using this leash with my very active Labrador for the last 8 months. It's super strong and the latch makes me very confident that the pup won't go anywhere. He also can't chew threw it like his old leashes.... yes that's a thing that he does. Very happy!